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2023 Programming

3:00pm Perioperative Practice Has Changed, and Now, So Have CSA Standards

Webinar | Zoom | 1 hour

ORNAC standards are the foundation for clinical practice, and are closely aligned with the national standards published by the Canadian Standards Association. Standards contain guidance for safety across clinical, technical, environmental, and administrative aspects of surgical care. CSA is making a bold move that will change three areas of safe perioperative practice, by combining the standards for electrosurgery, laser surgery, and management of surgical plume, into one comprehensive and updated standard.  This will eliminate overlap and highlight the common hazards and risks associated with all three, and specify control measures needed for each.  It will address documentation, risk assessment, procedures for managing equipment, audit, educational criteria, and much more.  This presentation will describe the scope and content of the new standard and point the way towards the future of safe management of energy based devices as they become more and more prevalent in our healthcare facilities.


  • Penny Smalley
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