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2023 programming


Educational Breakfast

Québec | N/A | 90 minutes | N/A | N/A


Concurrent : Text messages that reassure loved ones during the journey of surgery, an innovative digital approach to health

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | French | Clinical Practice

Details available soon.

  • Alexandre Mignault
    Gestionnaire de projet, Direction générale des affaires universitaires, médicales, infirmières et pharmaceutiques (DGAUMIP), MSSS

Concurrent : The Use of Virtual Reality in Perioperative Nursing Training

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Education

Online learning is gaining popularity and provides many advantages to students who want to learn at their own pace. Online leaning is conducted with the use of the internet where courses are accessed at any time of the day. A drawback of online learning is the lack of social interaction during training as students lack the physical interaction of the traditional classroom setting. Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of a three-dimensional computer-generated environment that allows the user to become a part of that environment. The use of VR helps students learn beyond the traditional online delivery. VR creates an interactive environment for students learning.

  • Heather Harrison RN, BScN, FCP
    Faculty Perioperative Nursing RN/LPN and Medical Device Reprocessing Technician Programs, School of Nursing, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina SK. Campus

Concurrent : Exceptional Learners, Exceptional Practice: Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities in Perioperative Education

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Education

At the post-secondary level, various academic accommodations and supports are available for students with learning disabilities to ensure their success. Entering the workforce, however, can look very different regarding what supports exist. How can we bridge this gap between education and the workplace? How can we create an inclusive perioperative learning environment as educators, mentors, and preceptors?

  • Stephanie Depledge RN, BScN, MN, MPEd, CPN(c)
    Clinical Educator for Perioperative Services at St. Mary’s General Hospital

NEAC Meeting

Québec | N/A | 90 minutes | N/A | N/A


Concurrent : Les grandes étapes de l’histoire de la chirurgie et l’évolution des blocs opératoires

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | French | Education

It is a fascinating and broad topic but by presenting the key milestones in the history of surgery, we will see at the same time how operating theatres and central sterilization departments have evolved as well as our profession.


  • May Karam BSN, RN, CNOR
    Specialized in perioperative nursing care

Concurrent : All About ORNAC: Exploring ORNAC’s current structure & how the strategic plan drives the success of the corporation

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Professional Development

Get to know ORNAC, the national voice for perioperative registered nurses! This presentation will explore the current structure (which has been in place since its incorporation 2008). Highlights will include:

  • an overview of responsibilities and legal requirements of a not-for-profit corporation under the Canada Corporations Act;
  • affiliation agreements (old to new structure)
  • the recruitment and nomination of board directors;
  • an overview of ORNAC’s strategic plan;
  • the multiple performance teams that work to keep key initiatives at the forefront; and
  • members roles and opportunities to contribute to ORNAC’s growth through work with the performance teams.

Our strategic direction is reviewed biannually to identify priorities and keep the corporation moving forward. The work identified by the board and members is imperative to ORNAC’s success. The executive will give a short presentation on the responsibilities of the performance teams and outline the importance of structure to the success of the corporation over time.


ORNAC executive

  • Sharon Hollett RN, BN, CPN(C)
  • Tanya Vandale RN, BScN, CPN(C)
  • Jennifer Sutton MN, BN, RN
  • Alex Bogle RN, BN, BSc, CPN(C)

Poster Presentations / Exhibit Hall

Québec | Exhibit Hall | 240 minutes | N/A | N/A



Québec | N/A | 120 minutes | N/A | N/A


A Knife, Fork and Spoon: the Basics of OR Management with a Passion to Lead

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Administration

The role of the OR Manager may be seen as overwhelming, impossible and unattractive, What is actually required? What are the basics? This session will explore three key factors of leadership: Competency, Character and Culture. Development of these three factors will provide a foundation – the basics, of becoming an effective OR leader. Who will lead the way? Leaders who have a passion to support, mentor and develop new leaders. Within the perioperative settings, leadership will require courage, resilience, and grit. You just may have what is needed to step up and lead!

  • Irene Harder
    Director, Perioperative, Women and Children’s Programs at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Cambridge, ON

Concurrent : La situation des IPAC ( RNFA) au Québec

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | French | Professional Development

Le rôle des IPAC, les statistiques des cas assistés dans différentes spécialités a travers le Québec .Nombre d’IPAC a travers la province. Implication du Ministère de l’Éducation pour augmenter le nombre IPAC : La formation de 18 mois en accéléré (avec bourse) et formation sur 3 ans. Le point de vue d’une jeune qui a terminée sa formation en mai 2022 et qui pratique depuis.

  • Helene Tetrault
    Première assistante en chirurgie au Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Concurrent : Strategies for Improving Surgical Outcomes: An ERAS Approach

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Clinical Practice

The objectives of this presentation are: 

  • To articulate the need to improve surgical efficiency related to the backlog of elective surgeries because of the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Identify the components of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS).
  • Describe evidence-based strategy to help reduce the risk of surgical complications and length of stay.
  • Define interactive audit processes to assess compliance of these implemented strategies.
  • Nathalie Gould
    Medical Liaison for 3M, Medical Solutions Division, specializing in surgical solutions
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