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2023 programming


Educational Breakfast

Québec | N/A | 90 minutes | N/A | N/A



Québec | N/A | 120 minutes | N/A | N/A



Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | N/A | N/A


Concurrent : Canadian Perioperative Nurses’ Engagement and Perceptions of Continuing Professional Development

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Research

Professional competence achieved through continuing professional development (CPD) is considered essential to nursing because of its impacts on quality of care and safety. Engagement in CPD contributes to a nurse’s practice through improvements in their knowledge, skills, and confidence. However, there are structural barriers that impede participation as well as an unacceptable impact from lateral violence. In this presentation the author will discuss the results of a nation-wide mixed methods online survey exploring the engagement and perceptions of perioperative nurses regarding CPD. The findings suggest that perioperative nurses engage in regular CPD activities as part of their professional practice. The preferred activities as rated by the participants were: 1) Self-directed learning activities; 2) In-services; and 3) Formal continuing education. The implications and recommendations from this study will be discussed, including the need for leaders to develop strategies that overcome barriers thereby ensuring the benefits of CPD are maximized.

  • Dr Eli Ahlquist
    President & CEO of North West College

Concurrent : Surgical Skin Preparation-Helping reduce the risk of surgical site infections (Back to basics)

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | French | Clinical Practice

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the human microbiome and surgical site infections (SSI)
  • Explain the CDC’s conceptual formula for SSI risk
  • Review preoperative strategies
  • Discuss regulatory requirements
  • Review formulation, application, treatment dose, dry time, and surgical skin prep selection
  • Review standards and guidelines
  • Share educational resources
  • Christine Erickson
    Scientific Affairs and Education Specialist at 3M Canada specializing

Poster Presentations / Exhibit Hall

Québec | Exhibit Hall | 240 minutes | N/A | N/A



Québec | N/A | 120 minutes | N/A | N/A


Minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | French | Clinical Practice

Depuis plusieurs années, la chirurgie cardiaque minimalement invasive gagne en intérêt à travers le monde. Le développement de cette expertise permet de diversifier les pathologies traitables par ces approches. Parmi les bénéfices rapportés, on retrouve une diminution du risque opératoire, des complications postopératoires, de la durée du séjour à l’hôpital, mais aussi un retour à une vie active plus rapide et un meilleur résultat esthétique. De plus, le développement des approches hybrides (chirurgie et intervention percutanée) permet d’offrir des soins plus spécifiques à chaque patient en fonction de ses caractéristiques cliniques propres. Cette présentation couvrira les principes de base de la chirurgie cardiaque minimalement invasive et de la robotique chirurgicale (présentation du matériel opératoire et robotique, avantages et inconvénients des approches minimalement invasives, présentation des différentes approches), ainsi que les applications potentielles de ces techniques dans la prise en charge des pathologies cardiaques chirurgicales.

  • Dr Hughes Jeanmart
    Chief of the cardiac surgery department at Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal

Concurrent : Making Perioperative In-Servicing Fun: is it even possible?

Québec | N/A | 60 minutes | English | Education

Keeping perioperative staff engaged during education can be a challenge, however there is hope. Introducing game-based learning within perioperative in-services can not only be fun for staff, but encourage team-work, collaboration, and most importantly education. This presentation will explore what game-based learning theory is and how you can implement this theory in your perioperative education. We will investigate the challenges and benefits of introducing game-based learning, as well as the perceptions of perioperative nurses towards game-based learning. Next, we will explore different examples of how to incorporate game-based learning into perioperative in-service before finally answering the question, is it even possible for perioperative inserving to be fun?

  • Keegan Hillier
    Perioperative Clinical Nurse Educator of Western Memorial Regional Hospital and Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital

Gala Event

Québec | N/A | N/A | N/A | N/A

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