Passionate about Our Practice,
Fortified by Our Standards

Passionnées de notre pratique,
enrichies par nos normes

2023 programming

Daily program:



Webinar | Zoom | 1 h | English | Clinical Practice


  • Jim Gauthier

ORNAC 16th Edition Standards Update

Virtual | Zoom | 1 hour | English |


  • Heather Martin
  • Cindy Chiang
  • Erin Robertson

Rapid fire session

Webinar | Zoom | 15 min. | English |

Presented by


Understanding your Practice; Scope, Standards and Accountability

Webinar | Zoom | 1 hour | English | Professional Development

Professional perioperative nursing practice is multifaceted and, as evidenced by inquiries submitted to ORNAC, not well understood. What are professional standards and how should they be used in the perioperative nurses’ practice? This presentation will present the differences in Standards of Practice as legislated by our regulatory

bodies, to the Practice Guidelines outlined by ORNAC. We will explore the reasons why standards and scope of practice are often incorrectly interchanged by perioperative nurses. The concepts of “ability” vs “authority” to help understand the boundaries in which perioperative nurses practice will be introduced. Terms including, ‘standards’, ‘regulatory’, ‘professional association standards’ and ‘scope of practice’ will be defined and distinguished. In conclusion, examples from questions submitted to ORNAC will be presented and resources will be offered to further support and guide professional practice. The value of knowing what fortifies our standards will ultimately influence our passion about our practice.


Rapid fire session

Webinar | Zoom | 15 min. | English |

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Virtual exhibitors Hall

Chat session | Zoom | 2 hours | English and French |

Come and chat with our virtual exhibitors!


Perioperative Practice Has Changed, and Now, So Have CSA Standards

Webinar | Zoom | 1 hour | English | Administration

ORNAC standards are the foundation for clinical practice, and are closely aligned with the national standards published by the Canadian Standards Association. Standards contain guidance for safety across clinical, technical, environmental, and administrative aspects of surgical care. CSA is making a bold move that will change three areas of safe perioperative practice, by combining the standards for electrosurgery, laser surgery, and management of surgical plume, into one comprehensive and updated standard.  This will eliminate overlap and highlight the common hazards and risks associated with all three, and specify control measures needed for each.  It will address documentation, risk assessment, procedures for managing equipment, audit, educational criteria, and much more.  This presentation will describe the scope and content of the new standard and point the way towards the future of safe management of energy based devices as they become more and more prevalent in our healthcare facilities.


  • Penny Smalley

Rapid fire session

Webinar | Zoom | 15 min. | English |

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“Be in the know” How safety huddles have evolved to improve communication in the perioperative setting

Webinar | Zoom | 1 hour | English | Clinical Practice

In 2017, the Adult Surgery Program at the IWK Health center began formal safety huddles after conducting a comprehensive initiative to help improve efficiency (LEAN). Part of the LEAN work included having an opportunity for staff to bring forward work improvement initiatives and safety concerns at a safety huddle. After 6 years, and a few changes, the safety huddle remains an important tool used in communicating with perioperative staff. This presentation will outline the successes and challenges encountered with safety huddles in the Adult Surgery Program.


  • Tanya Vandale

Have ORNAC Standards, Will Travel

Webinar | Zoom | 1 hour | English | Clinical Practice

I never imagined that I would still be working as a Registered Nurse after 30 years, nor did I think I would spend all of it in the Operating Room. My career has taken me to 3 countries and encompassed many different job descriptions. What guided me and empowered me was knowing that the ORNAC standards I had learnt and carried with me were reflected in all the hospitals I worked in. 

Working alongside colleagues who shared the same ideals and standards of practice resounded in me and rekindled my love and passion for all things OR. I have been a member of ORNAC since 1996, and have developed an unbreakable bond with that book “The ORNAC Standards, Guidelines and Position Statements for Perioperative Registered Nurses”.

Let me share with you where I have been and where we can still go.


  • Cathleen Clarke
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